Grab a Prop,

Strike a Pose, Smile and

 Have Fun!!

The tent style booth can accommodate

larger groups with a 5 x 5 canopy style tent, allowing the use of the steel cabinet of eqipment and delivering the photos in the same way giving the appearance of a booth, with the ability to have larger groups in the photo.  Photo booth rental prices start at $150 per hour.

The open style booth uses the steel cabinet of equipment and a backdrop that you customize with your corporate logo or color of your choice.  We can also utilize the existing surrounding area or create a custom set  for the backdrop.  Photo booth rental prices start at $150 per hour.

Tent Style

Open Style

Arcade Style

  • Our booth has fully integrated electronics safely housed in a steel constructed cabinet.
  • Booth set-up requires flat, roll-up, paved area (no sand or grass)
  • Must have access to electrical outlet
  • Requires approximately 10 x 10 and seven foot tall space, depending on which set-up you choose.
  • Booth can be set-up indoors or outdoors (if weather permits)

Set-up Requirements

We're thrilled to offer the classic arcade style that brings back the true photo booth experience.  With the built in camera, flash, monitor and professional photo printer.  Your guests will retrieve their photos  from the built in compartment in just 7.5 seconds!  Photo booth rental prices start at $150 per hour.

Photo Booth Rental  Options